COVID-19 Announcement/March 24 2020

Construction sites are open (with exception of Kingerlee – Milton Keynes Blue Light) as bricklayers, labourers and site staff’s main roles can’t be carried out from home.

Phoenix have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure and office staff have full capacity to work from home in order to keep the sites running and allow our self-employed workers to continue earning a wage, should they want to and not feel their health is being compromised by doing so.

Please Avoid canteens, group areas, don’t socialise on site with anyone other than your gang, use our paper dust masks as you see fit not just for specific tasks and observe the social distancing rule of 2 metres at all times.

Michael Gove, on Good Morning Britain at 07:15, has confirmed that all construction sites (except residential extensions, domestic maintenance, small works on houses etc) are to remain open as the work carried out cannot be completed from isolation but attendance to these sites must be approached with precautions (see COVID-19 risk assessment and site training brief laying out precautions we can all take emailed Monday 23rd March to all Phoenix managers).

Boris Johnson will be addressing the nation again tonight, with emphasis on providing clarity on traveling to work arrangements and what ‘work’ is critical.

My focus remains with the health of #teamPhoenix and had government measures been put in place to provide a stable income for our many self-employed team-members, we would make the decision to close-down for 3 weeks. In the absence of such a package, at present, it is our intention to continue affording the team opportunity to work in these uncertain times, whilst adhering to current anti-virus measures.

Christian Watson, Director